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Radio Mess is Luxembourg’s fresh mix of today’s pop music that’s safe and fun for the whole family!

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Non-stop Christmas Tunes All Christmas Weekend!

We are so excited to play non-stop Christmas music for you during the entire Christmas weekend! There will be new tunes, old carols, and a few surprises along the way, all played with limited interruptions. Merry Christmas to you from Radio Mess!

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Roadwork On the rue de Roedgen is Almost Complete

The roadworks on the rue de Roedgen in Reckange-sur-Mess have finally reached the village itself, where it is now joining the other construction obstacles from the new streets being built to accommodate a new development at Huelstrooss. For the time being traffic is...

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Luxembourg’s Speed Radars are Now Active

Be on the lookout for these striped poles when driving around Luxembourg. The first ten of many speed radars are now active and have already dished out over 1000 speeding tickets in two days. The speed trap catching the most speeders is located in Merl on the A4, just...

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